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February 23, 2020

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About Us

Introduction to The Medical and Scientific Equipment wing of our company:

The Medical and Scientific Equipment wing was founded to provide high-tech products and services to public and private sector hospitals, Medical centres, Clinics, Diagnostic Centres, Educational and Research Centres etc. We also support the growing need for hospital consumables, surgical Instruments, laboratory and analytical supplies and enjoy strategic partnerships with prominent scientific equipment manufacturers. The Medical & Scientific wing is also the exclusive authorized dealer of a host of Inland & International companies with excellent reputation in their respective fields.

With our new office at Singapore, SSARA presently has 24 employees and will be increased according to the business requirements and is led by a well qualified dynamic and expert management team.

Fuelled by innovative ideas and newer products, we continue to grow and expand at a very fast pace expanding and diversifying our product base.


Company Mission:
At SSARA, we are at the heart of our customers’ preferences.
With a number of years of experience in the field of medical & scientific equipment, our Company’s mission is to provide excellent quality products that completely satisfy our customers and hence builds relationships with our customers that last forever. 


Our Operational Areas:
SSARA focuses on business in South India such as Govt. & Private Hospitals, Clinics, Research and Educational Centres and Maritime & Oceanography sectors. . We import principle products from Asia, Europe & USA.

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